Starting a new life in a new country can be challenging for newcomers, including immigrants and refugees. It’s difficult for them to find the information they need to get settled. That’s where Digital Messaging for Settlement and Integration (DMSI) can help.

DMSI is all about using affordable and easy-to-use messaging tools like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram to improve newcomers’ (re)settlement experience.

DMSI provides resources to help you connect newcomers with the right information at the right time, where they are. With DMSI, you can save newcomers time, money, and stress in their search for information, and help prevent misinformation in newcomer communities.

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Are you interested in building a community of support for newcomers, sponsors, or caseworkers?​

Providing information to Afghan newcomers in Dari and Pashto​

We're using a private Telegram group to connect newcomers across Canada with information about settlement services in Dari and Pashto.