Watch presentations from experts at the 2021 Digital Messaging Summit: Tools & Tactics for Newcomer Integration.

Amira Dhalla, Associate Director of Engagement, Consumer Reports, explores how to build ecosystems that allow everyone in digital spaces.

Bahar Taheri, Lead Project Consultant, BC Refugee Hub & Newcomer.Info, explains key considerations when picking a digital messaging tool.

Discover how to integrate measurement and evaluation techniques into your service offerings with Daniela Seskar-Hencic, Senior Researcher, Centre for Community Based Research.

Learn how to keep your organization, your clients, and yourself safe online with Lama Chami, Digital Training Coordinator, Refugee 613, and Mohamad Awada, Cultural Community Associate, Digital Community Manager and Volunteer-Lead Refugee Integration Coordinator, Centre for Newcomers, Calgary.

Brian Lorraine, MA (eSkills Project Lead), Linda Manimtim, MEd, (Instructional Designer, eSkills) & Sherry Seymour, MA (Content Developer, eSkills) share great information for keeping your organization, your clients, and yourself safe online.

Sharon Nyangweso (Founder & CEO, QuakeLab) explains how to co-create with newcomers in digital messaging spaces

Equip yourself with strategies to push back against mis- and dis-information online with Susana Mas, Founder of Verifiably, Journalist, and News and Digital Literacy Trainer.