What is the information or service gap you are trying to fill?

We talk about this a bit in our first workshop, and it is important enough to repeat here. 

How do you know this is a gap? If you don’t have evidence, pause and do some outreach to gather it. 

Check your assumptions: Why do you think digital messaging is the right tool? Have you thought about any other tools?
Creating a digital messaging group or service is not a goal, it is a tool for reaching your goal. It’s essential to get clear about what you are trying to achieve and why, so you can make the right decision about how.

Do you want to reach more people with a specific message, or reach the same people more effectively? That is a communications goal, and digital messaging is a tool you should definitely explore. 

Do you want to offer a digital messaging service because you’ve heard it’s effective at reaching people? That’s not a communications goal. That’s not a gap you’re trying to fill. That’s a desire to innovate and try new things.

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